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About Rachel

Hello! I’m a London based voiceover artist with a penchant for Yahtzee, crochet and cooking.

When not creating silly voices for animations and radio dramas, I also enjoy lending my voice to relaxation and meditation recordings, most recently with a set of podcasts for a yoga school who were launching their mindfulness project. I love the variety the world of voiceover offers, no two days are ever the same!


How I sound

Warm, clear and upbeat. I have a clean, smooth sound that could belong to your next Smart Speaker and a richer, more luxurious tone that will make your customers want to buy that pot of anti-ageing night cream.

My natural accent is Home Counties/RP but I’m able to offer a range of regional accents, so drop me a line for a specific read of your script in the accent of your choice!

If you want to hear what my voice sounds like, listen to my demo reels. I can also provide a sample read of your script. 

My voice is...

Warm, clear, calming, intelligent, positive and reassuring.

When in the booth, I record voiceover for...

  • Radio and TV commercials
  • Gaming and animation
  • Apps
  • Characters and kids dramas
  • Corporate narration
  • E-learning videos

Let's make your script come to life

If you’d like to hear a sample demo of your script or have a particular accent or delivery in mind then send it my way and I’ll be more than happy to give you a taster of what to expect.

Voice artist with an acting background

As well as my voice over work, I’m an actor with a background in comedy (you can learn more about that here if you’d like). I’ve found that nothing has prepared me for the world of voice over better than my two young children. Each day I’m met with last minute demands, requests for stories and songs in different accents and voices, always faster… slower… louder… better… “Mummy, pleeaase!”  Sound familiar? 

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